Rocket - Packaging for Design Egg Cup

Probably the most minimalist way to enjoy your breakfast egg: Rocket the egg cup. The reduced shape and the wide range of colours make this egg cup a "must have" for design-loving egg connoisseurs. According to the target group
we designed a packaging that offers the product enough space and is functional in its handling. The egg cup is easy to see through the large openings on the side. The illustration of the egg cup and the egg makes the use of the contents recognisable for the customer at first glance. The cut-out in the packaging - exactly where the egg belongs - creates an additional level that enables a three-dimensional perception of the egg cup. When it came to the material, we attached great importance to naturalness and chose a combination of corrugated and solid cardboard. The inner part made of corrugated cardboard fixes and protects the egg cup, while the outer cover made of solid cardboard closes the packaging. The design of the outer cover as a slipcase makes the packaging easy to open and resealable at any time.


Packaging design:

John Gautier

Herwig Bishop