According to the motto "an oagna Kopf a oagne Capo" (translated from the Vorarlberg dialect "one's own head - one's own cap from Capo"), we have developed a system of hat stands in the shape of a head for the Bregenzerwald hat and cap manufacturer, which optimally presents the high-quality hats and caps in shops and at trade fairs and conveys the independence of the brand.

The system consists of three different shapes (men's, women's and children's head) that can be printed individually. Cardboard was chosen as the material because it offered us a wide range of design options in terms of shape and surface. No other material can be designed for a hat stand in such a high-quality and individual way in a wide variety of shapes, both two- and three-dimensional, and this with very low initial costs. The head shape is constructed using polygons (triangles). For the printing, we attached importance to exclusivity and durability, which is why we chose screen printing. A wooden plate was added to the base of the stand, which gives the head better stability and, thanks to the integrated threaded insert, also offers countless fixing options.


Product design:

Johannes Gautier, Herwig Bischof




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