Barta - Packaging for traditional shirt

Traditional costumes are enjoying great popularity again. Men and women wear traditional costumes, and not only for traditional occasions. A reason for Manfred Barta to deal with this topic. The result is the T-shirt in traditional costume look. The comfort of a shirt combined with the look of traditional costume. As a gag for a tent festival or as a souvenir from a holiday, the traditional costume shirt delights young and old. Our task was to package this traditional T-shirt in a functional and appealing way. It is sold through hoteliers, souvenir shops and online shops. The aim was for the packaging to explain the product simply and quickly and to make it easily visible at the POS. We achieved this with a folding package on which the traditional costume shirt is printed 1 to 1. The product can be hung up on a separate hanger made of cardboard in a natural look. The product is also labelled via the loop, which prevents confusion and creates a clear distinction from the classic traditional costume. The packaging itself was designed as a reversible pack, which means that there is one packaging for two differently printed shirts. This saves costs, protects the environment and gives the customer flexibility. In addition, the customer / presentee is informed when unpacking which colour variant of the traditional costume shirt is still available.



Manfred Barta ( webXpress )

Packaging design:

Herwig Bischof ( b.packaging )