Skinpharma - Packaging for cosmetics KTK Skincare

KTK Skincare stands for cell activation based on the patented active ingredient NADH. This is obtained naturally from yeast and acts like an igniter for the cell. We were asked to design the packaging for this high-quality and natural product. The focus of the concept was to achieve a high level of recognition at the POS and to convey the values of the product. The packaging is made of two parts. These parts are made of different cardboard materials. The bottom part is rough and in a natural colour. The upper part is also made of cardboard but is velvety soft and bright white. It thus creates a field of tension in relation to the consumer's perception of stimuli and optimally conveys the function of the cosmetics. Cell-activating, firming ... The basic element "the cell" is also incorporated abstractly into the shape of the packaging, both in the upper and lower part of the packaging. As already mentioned, the packaging consists of two parts. The lower parts of the respective packaging sizes are identical, which enables simple and cost-effective production for different pack sizes. A simple differentiation in case of an extension of the product series is easily and economically possible by using differently coloured bottom parts. A flexible packaging system that enables a high level of recognition, conveys the values and is easy to produce or expand.



Karoline Mühlburger ( kaleido )

Michale Marte ( kaleido )

Packaging design:

Herwig Bischof ( b.packaging )