Huber Suhner l High End Packaging l Packaging for cables

A PremiumCase packaging for high-end cables. The packaging is made of a plastic case which can be milled or deep-drawn into shape from high-quality polycarbonate. Polycarbonate was chosen because it is not a disposable packaging. This material is very resistant and impact resistant. Two different types of packaging were developed. One with a separate lid, which is fixed by a magnet. In the second version, the lid was connected to the bottom part. The opening mechanism was very simply integrated into the lower part of the case. The content itself was made of a very high-quality fine-pored foam insert. In order to pack the different cable sizes in a visually appealing way in one packaging size, we worked with different graphic schemes for the cables. We had to make sure that the cable did not fall below a certain bending radius. So that the quality of the cable is not impaired.


Product design:

Johannes Gautier, Herwig Bischof