Bia Laura - exclusive handmade round packaging for decorative items


A round packaging box like from the old days. A round packaging made with the highest precision craftsmanship. Made from materials that celebrate the country and its people, their values and craftsmanship. The packaging consists of a combination of grey cardboard, high-quality printing and a leather closure that also functions as a carrying handle. A robust leather strap is connected to the packaging by buttons and closes this round packaging.

The packaging provides an attractive and externally visible frame for the traditional contents. Inside, there are high-quality handcrafted decorative objects with an Alpine scene such as an alpine procession.

The target group includes Japanese tourists who want to take a piece of Switzerland back home with them. This should also be visible and tangible through the packaging. From the look to the haptic properties to the depiction of the lokael mountain ranges and the shape of the round packaging.



John Gautier

Packaging design:

Herwig Bishop