Japan, a country where the traditional craftsmanship of knife and scissor making has been passed down for generations and is still practised in its most original form. The result is high-quality knives and scissors that are of excellent quality. This is made possible by countless steps carried out by hand. Starting with the production of the steel and ending with the processing. This results in knives and scissors of outstanding quality, which are unique in durability and handling. It was a great pleasure for us to package the high-quality hairdressing scissors from Amann. The scissors are presented and sold directly in the hairdressing salon by the sales force, among others. For this reason, the packaging must also function for a simple, quick and yet high-quality presentation - with 20 different scissor models. The shape of the packaging is reduced to a basic size. The packaging is opened via a folding mechanism. The choice of material and colour was red, white and grey - in reference to the origin of the product. The texture is based on hair and the materials are high-quality, natural and yet robust.



Silvia Keckeis ( kaleido )

Packaging design:

Herwig Bischof ( b.packaging )