Only the best & most exclusive ingredients are good enough for Ambuja's cosmetics line. So it was clear to pay attention to a high-quality design for the packaging as well. After a long development period, we are very proud of the first trade fair reactions we received to the packaging line we developed at the Elements Showcase in New York. The idea was to design a package that opens over the edge and then unfolds into a flower shape to reveal the precious contents.This was made possible by a sophisticated folding mechanism. The packaging can be opened over this very edge and presented at the POS in a half-open state. In this position, you get a glimpse of the product and this arouses curiosity. You want to take the product in your hand to see what is inside. Once in your hand, you don't want to give up the packaging. The velvety surface and the sophisticated mechanism do their part.


Graphic and product design:

John Gautier, Herwig Bischof