Unicorn Packaging / HighEnd Electronic Packaging / Brainwave Measurement


The first product of the company g.tec, which is sold directly to end customers. The aim was to design packaging that graphically depicts or explains the essential function of the product and places it in a modern/start-up context. In addition, it was important to design a variable packaging in which the components could also be shipped individually. The solution was a box-in-box variant.

The inner boxes are also used for shipping spare parts or allow subsequent changes to accommodate/represent different products or system variants. The inserts of the inner parts are as a separate part and thus these inner boxes can be easily adapted to the contents. This outer box has a carrying handle. This makes the product/packaging easy and practical to handle. The packaging itself is made of kraft cardboard which is also laminated onto corrugated cardboard. The colour is printed in a special process so that the luminosity of the colours on the brown coloured cardboard really comes into its own. It also creates a very interesting tension between the raw, rough material and the bright, shiny neon colour.




John Gautier

Packaging design:

Herwig Bishop