The German packaging magazine "Creativ Verpacken" featured one of our works in one of its last issues.
Excerpt from the magazine ( Dr. Bode Kubartz ) " How real luxury is created " The packaging underlines this. The patented box with an opening on the long side can be grasped multi-sensory by a velvety haptic and a magnet in the head area , which on the one hand stabilises and on the other hand remains a perpetual experience by a click. The lotus-inspired packaging reveals the inside only in stages. Thus, surprise potential and non-conformity of the presentation at the POS is likely.

We were very pleased to be nominated for the Adwin 2013. In addition to the pleasing customer response and the 4-digit range of handmade hat stands, our work has now been recognised by a jury of experts. We are already looking forward to the next Adwin event in 2015.

The aim of the competition was to create an instrument that conveys the high quality of Vorarlberg water and attracts the attention of consumers in gastronomy and trade through its appearance. In addition, the function and the price specifications were narrow and clearly defined. An essential aspect for us was to create a shape that is eye-catching and can be stored in a space-saving way. The chosen crystalline shape embodies the most precious natural treasure our region has to offer: "Vorarlberg water". We are sure that the design we have chosen will attract the necessary attention from consumers. The chosen basic shape, the triangle, lies well in the hand and gives the necessary grip when pouring, so that nothing goes wrong.

Off to new shores. After almost 10 years of working in Voralberg's economic centre Dornbirn, Herwig Bischof moved his company b.packaging to Sulz in the Vorarlberg Oberland at the beginning of January 2013. The new office is idyllically located on the Frödisch, with a view of the surrounding mountains. Nature inspires !

ISPO Munich - Capo Head

Blog / March 28, 2012

Every year, the who's who of international sports & lifestyle brands meet at ISPO in Munich. We were guests this year - at the invitation of Capo - to see the hat stands we developed in action. It was a great moment for us, as the hat stands were presented to a wide audience for the first time. It was impressive to see how the industry presents itself despite the "economic crisis".

These are the first samples of the now produced gift packaging for the cheese street. From reduced to handmade. It was a very nice project. At this point I would like to thank Michael Moosbrugger (former managing director of Käsestrasse) for the great cooperation.

Our small pattern workshop has received an addition. A beautiful, hand-operated cobbler sewing machine. From now on, we will be sewing from very thin to the ultimate thick. A machine made to last another century. It is robust and makes it possible to sew materials several millimetres thick with ease. So it's the right thing for us to discover and try out new things.

A trade fair for the most exclusive cosmetic products. And one of our works was represented. For the first time, our customer "Legart Forschungsatelier" presented itself on the American market with the cosmetics line "Ambuja". The response was extremely positive. The stand was literally besieged to marvel at the exclusive products and the unusual packaging.

The eye also influences our perception in terms of haptics. At least that's what we found out in one particular case. Same material, same surface coating (soft-touch cellophane, applied after printing), only the printing was different. One variant was printed in black with negative white lettering, the other variant was printed in white with black lettering. And the result: the surface of the fully black printed version feels more velvety. The only explanation - for us - is that the colour and coating convey to the eye that it must be a different material from the white version.

We have added some treasures to our sample and model construction. Really heavy, cast-iron machines which, after decades of use, have now found a worthy new home in the historic surroundings of the former factory site at Steinebach. With the help of these machines, we create initial samples of possible product and packaging solutions in order to be able to check proportions, defined functions and properties of the material.